Our Chili Cook-off and Daniel’s Kids

Our little Chefs were pretty excited to get an invite from Mr. Clark the director of “Daniel’s Kids” to be in the “Chili Cook Off” Fall Festival on October 15th .  You can imagine how our excitement grew as we also got the invite to be on News4Jax: The Morning Show” to tell how we are going to  prepare for the competition!  We planned our regularly scheduled Class during the day so we could be in the news and show everyone just how we are learning our new culinary skills. All went well until the camera came into the room!  Suddenly 5 out of the 8 kiddos mentioned how nervous they were to talk  (including myself) as the camera moved right in front of our faces; we struggled to find the right words to get out!  All in all, the news crew managed to get the jest of the class on camera, it was a very fun morning! The day of the competition was long and HOT! Our kiddos however were real troopers, they worked hard serving up our “1st Place Chili” to crowds of visitors! A Trophy, a 100.00 dollar gift, plus a pizza Lunch was awarded! We went home tired but Proud Pirates to bring our trophy back to PES!!



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