Our Worm Babies Have Arrived!

  worm babies  dampening the paper  Feeding our worms  worm bed

This week Ms. Edwards class presented our Art & Garden Club with a surprise, RED WIGGLER WORMS! Now maybe it isn’t on the #1 list for “gifting” but for us…. invaluable!  You see, the garden soil is the health foundation of any plant growth, and vermi-culture is by far the #1 method to add composting to beds.  Worms multiply every 90 days, they eat leftover veggie scraps from the kitchen, decompose our cardboard/ paper into nutrient rich black dirt and  increase compost faster than you would think. The kiddos say the way they produce their “castings” & “worm tea” is “pretty cool”, and in late spring when they get to pick & taste the “fruit of their labor” …..well lets just say….it’ll be AWESOME!!!

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