MackinVia E-books

Hello Everyone,
I have been working hard to solve some of the issues related to our 1600 title e-book collection. First, our e-books our housed by MackinVia. The books come from a variety of publishers. When the original collection was but together Mackin did not host many of the publishers books directly from their site. Fortunately, times have changed and any new purchases will be hosted directly through Mackin. All of our current books should easily be accessed from a PC with proper Flash installation. Most of our e-books are multiple user books meaning your whole class can view the book at the same time on their own device. Most of the books have AR tests that can be accessed from MackinVia. If you have any problems on a PC let me know.

In order to view our e-books on our I-pads, two apps need to be downloaded. One is the MackinVia app and the other is Lerner Digital e-reader. Most of the issues on the I-pad should be resolved. The remaining issue is the books published by the Lerner company. We own 400 Learner e-books. In order to view those books, students must enter through the separate app using the username and password “palencia” and “palencia.” Please download the two apps so that I can teach the students how to access our e-book collection.

To access MackinVia student’s usernames are their 6 digit student number. The password is “pirates.” You can also enter as a guest with the username “Palencia.” I have information posted on the media center website at There is a link to a video on how to access books from a PC. Please direct parents to the site if they have questions or ask them to e-mail. I hope this helps everyone utilize this great resource offered by our school.

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