Accelerated Reader

Below is the link to login to take the AR quizzes. Students must take all AR quizzes while at school. Over the summer students can take AR tests at the St. Johns County Main Public Library.

Accelerated Reader Login

Accelerated Reader Book Finder

Accelerated Reader is a program that allows students to read books that have been leveled by readability and then take a test that determines their understanding of the book. AR tests are taken at school, but the books can be found many places.

Tests: Students read books within their independent reading levels (ZPD). Then they take a test on the computer to check their understanding or comprehension of the story. The tests have 5-10 questions depending on the level of the book. Students receive points for the quizzes they pass. Failed tests cannot be retaken. The goals are to maintain an average quiz score of 85% or above while reading on level and attaining the number of points assigned.

Goals: Student goals will be based on individual ability as determined by the STAR test and their teacher. Classes and grade levels may have individual incentives based on student progress toward the goals set.

At Home: Parents can check to see if a book is AR or on a student’s level by going to Student progress can be monitored by going to Use the following information to log-in.

Username: student number with s (s54321)  Password:  2 initials and student number (js54321)

In Home Connect you can also Click Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your student’s quiz or test results. Click Help to get answers to your questions about Home Connect.  Additionally, PES parents may view this Home Connect Tutorial. Parent or guardians may specify up to six email addresses to receive updates of student progress via email. The recipient must accept the invitation for the notifications to begin. Emails will be sent automatically by the program and will contain results of any Accelerated Reader quizzes the student completes.

Thank you for your interest in helping your child succeed and celebrate through reading!