AR Challenges From the Past

Each month the media center will be hosting AR Challenges. Students will read within a genre or type of literature. Then they will take AR tests to show that they have actually read the books. To qualify for the challenge, students must read within their ZPD (reading range set by STAR Test) and pass the AR tests with a 70% or higher. Teachers will use a short form to sign-off on the student’s successful completion of the challenge. Finally, students can come to the media center to pick up their reward.  Each challenge will have a Brag Tag signifying the challenge and students will have their names announced on WPES. Below is a list of our challenges for 2014-2015.

September – Pirate Books
October – Mystery Genre (mystery prize too) October Mystery Challenge
November – Historical Fiction Genre November Historical Fiction Challenge
December – Folk and Fairy Tale Genre (holiday treat too) December Folk and Fairy AR Challenge (3 books)
January – E-book Challenge grades 2-5 (3 books) January AR E-book Challenge
“I Can Read” Books Challenge grades 1-2 (4 books) January AR I Can Read Challenge and ICanRead Bookmark
February – “I Love a Series” Challenge (3 books in the same series) February I Love a Series AR Challenge (2)
March – Dr. Seuss Challenge grades 1-4 (4 books) March Dr. Seuss AR Challenge (2)
Favorite Author Challenge 3-5 (3 books by the same author) March Favorite Author AR Challenge (2)
April – Non-fiction Challenge (4 books) April Non-Fiction AR Challenge
May – “You MAY Meet a Challenge You Missed” (awards will be given to students who complete all 8 AR challenges throughout the year.