Physical Education (PE)

Welcome to Palencia Physical Education

 As we begin the year, I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jenny Brougham and I am the Physical Education teacher here at Palencia. Prior to teaching Palencia, I worked at Timberlin Creek, Julington Creek, and Durbin Creek Elemetary Schools. Before coming to St Johns County Schools, I worked at Bishop Kenny High School as a teacher and coach for 5 years. I currently also coach girls’ soccer at Mandarin High. Outside of school, I am married and have two boys, ages 11 and 6. My oldest, Jakob, will be a middle school student this year, and my youngest Lukas, will be a first grade student here at Palencia.  I am looking forward to another fantastic year in Physical Education. GO PIRATES!

Daily Schedule in Physical Education

Through out this year we will cover most of the sunshine state standards in Physical Education(

Kindergarten through Second Grade we will begin the year with our locomotor skills such as skipping, hopping, galloping, leaping.  We will also cover under and overhand throwing to different targets in the first half of the year.

Third through fifth grade will start working on their throwing and catching skills through many different games, power ball, battleship, and bounce brigade just to name a few.

On Wednesdays we have our special ROW days (resource on Wednesdays) were the students gets to visit all four resources through out the day.

Physical Education Events Coming Up


Jump Rope 4 Heart

April/ May

Field Days