Staff Directory

Palencia Elementary School 355 Palencia Village Drive, St. Augustine, Florida 904-547-4010

All applicants for positions at Palencia Elementary School must have an active application on file with the St. Johns County School District. All positions will be advertised through the JOBS system of the St. Johns County School District.

Palencia Elementary Staff Directory

Position (Click HERE for a listing of staff by position)
Phone/Voicemail Email
Anderson, Allen Principal 904.547.4010
Fuller, Angela Assistant Principal 904.547.4010
LaBello, Sallie Secretary/Bookkeeper 904.547.4013
Raikes, Shannon Guidance Counselor 904.547.4010
Williams, Cindy Data Operator/Registrar 904.547.4017
Solms, Susan Receptionist 904.547.4010
Damiano, Kathleen Food Service Manager
Mitidieri, Rick Maintenance Manager 904.547.4016
Ackerman, John Teacher, Grade 2
Allen, Erin Teachers
Ayrish, Shannon Library Media Specialist
Banks, Jessica Teacher, Kindergarten
Bozard, Stephanie Teacher, Grade 2
Brooks, Alison Physical Therapist
Brougham, Jenny Teacher, PE
Brown, Rebecca Teacher, Grade 2
Case, Jennifer Teacher, Grade 3
Cooper, Elizabeth Teacher, Grade 3
Caronna, Dawn Teacher, Grade 2
Craig, Alison Teacher, Grade 1
Davis, Katrina Teacher, Grade 1
Degutis, Lisa Media Paraprofessional
Delatorre, Sabrina Teacher, ESE
Dowdie, Kate Teacher, Music
Downs, Courtney Teacher, Grade 1
Dueker, Kelly Teacher, Grade 5
Eberhardt, Kristen Teacher, Kindergarten
Edwards, Sarah Teacher, Grade 5
Farnum, Sean Teacher, Grade 3
Groleau, Beth Teacher, Grade 4
Gros, Trisha Teacher, Kindergarten
Hackney, Sharon Instructional Literacy Coach
Haden, Julie Teacher, Grade 1
Holmes, Joanna Teacher, Grade 5
Isbell, Heather Teacher, Grade 1
Jackson, Jennifer Teacher, Grade 2
Johnson, Janice Occupational Therapist
Kastor, Ginger Teacher, Kindergarten
Caldwell, Heather Teacher, ESE
Kerekes, Cheryl Teacher, Kindergarten
Kirby, Kim Speech
Kusiak, Kathryn Teacher, Grade 4
Ledford, Jennifer Teacher, Grade 1
Marrinan, Sue Teacher, Grade 5
Martin, Donna Guidance Clerk
Mercurio, Debbie IT Specialist
Odom, Jennifer Teacher, Grade 3
Palmatier, Jillian Teacher, Grade 2
Royal, Rebecca Teacher, Grade 4
Simpson, Laura Teacher, Grade 4
Stecher, Tierra Teacher, Grade 4
Stewart, Leigh Ann Teacher, Kindergarten
Wadsworth, Amanda  Teacher, Grade 5
Wardley, Jamie Teacher, Art
Weston, Zach Teacher, Grade 4 
Worthington, Hali Teacher, Grade 3
Worthington, Katrina Teacher, Grade 3