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Palencia Elementary 2023-2024

Staff email
addresses are not available on the website due to security issues. Please call
the main office for specific email addresses or check Home Access Center (HAC)
for the teacher’s email address.

Ms. Goodrich- Principal- [email protected]
Ms. Cooper- Assistant Principal
Ms. Johnson- Assistant Principal

Front Office
Ms. Smith- Secretary/Bookkeeper
Ms. Misch- Instructional Literacy Coach
Ms. Gordon- School Counselor
Ms. Galli- LEA Clerk
Ms. Wildes- Computer Operator/Registrar
Mr. Ash- Maintenance Manager
Ms. Kleist- Receptionist
Ms. Cigrand- Guidance Clerk

Ms. Banks
Ms. Butrimas
Ms. Evatt

Ms. Huster
Ms. Kerekes
Ms. Oester

1st Grade
Ms. Jackson
Ms. Kelly
Ms. Laurence
Ms. Luers
Ms. Schaney
Ms. Simanoff

2nd Grade
Ms. Adams
Mr. Ackerman
Ms. Andreoni
Ms. Case
Ms. Downs

Ms. Murray – Associate Teacher
Ms. Weber
Ms. Young

3rd Grade
Ms. Caronna
Ms. Hays
Ms. Keller

Ms. Klauk
Ms. Ledford
Ms. Miri
Ms. Owen

4th Grade
Ms. Clifford- Associate Teacher
Mr. Duncan

Ms. Hoffman
Ms. Hogan
Ms. Roldan
Ms. Suderman
Ms. Traylor

5th Grade
Ms. Brunisma
Mr. Clark
Ms. Gardner
Ms. Hughes
Ms. Morphew
Ms. Wadsworth

Ms. Brougham- PE
Ms. Flowers- Media
Ms. Foster- Art
Ms. McMahon- PE
Ms. Molina – Music

Student Education (ESE)
Ms. Batenhorst- Speech
Ms. Hernandez
Ms. Kirby- Speech
Ms. Leonardi
Ms. Oller

Ms. Chander
Ms. Guzman-Rodiguez- ESE
Ms. Leary- ESE
Ms. McRae ESE
Ms. Morrow

Nurse Stokes 

Ms. Leigh- Speech Pathologist
Ms. Hicks- Psychologist
Ms. Glatz- PT
Ms. Waldenmayer- DHH
Ms. Yee Kee- O&M
Ms. Carpenter-Gifted

Ms. Holloway, OT
Ms. Smith- TVI
Ms. Whalen – AT
Mr. Naiyakhun – TSS

Ms. Torres – District Behavior Specialist
Mr. Sheng – ESE Achievement Coach

Ms. Nazi- District ESOL Resource Teacher