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Palencia Elementary 2019-2020

Staff email addresses are not available on the website due to security issues. Please call the main office for specific email addresses or check Home Access Center (HAC) for the teacher’s email address.


Mrs. Goodrich Principal 904.547.4010
Mrs. Holtz Assistant Principal 904.547.4010
Ms. Sidoroff Secretary/Bookkeeper 904.547.4010
Ms. Paciotti Instructional Literacy Coach 904.547.4010
Ms. Ellis Guidance Counselor Guidance Website
Ms. Paczkowski LEA Clerk
Ms. Wildes Guidance Clerk
Ms. Black Data Operator/Registrar 904.547.4010
Mr. Thomas Maintenance Manager 904.547.4010
Ms. Solms Receptionist 904.547.4010
Ms. Smith Receptionist 904.547.4010


Ms. Banks Kindergarten
Ms. Bussie Kindergarten
Ms. Charron Kindergarten AT
Ms. Evatt Kindergarten AT
Ms. Greenwood Kindergarten
Ms. Kerekes Kindergarten
Ms. Nelson Kindergarten
Ms. Oleszczuk Kindergarten
Ms. Whitworth Kindergarten

First Grade

Ms. Campbell Grade 1
Ms. Case Grade 1 Teacher Website
Ms. Craig Grade 1
Ms. Devane Grade 1
Ms. Jackson Grade 1
Ms. Rutherford Grade 1
Ms. Simanoff Grade 1
Ms. Shapiro Grade 1 AT

Second Grade

Mr. Ackerman Grade 2 Teacher Website
Ms. Andreoni Grade 2
Ms. Davis Grade 2 Teacher Website
Ms. Downs Grade 2
Ms. Fischer Grade 2
Ms. Hackney Grade 2 Teacher Website
Ms. Roldan Grade 2
Ms. Young Grade 2

Third Grade

Ms. Battaglia Grade 3
Ms. Caronna Grade 3 Teacher Website
Ms. Klauk Grade 3
Ms. Kuhnle Grade 3
Ms. Ledford Grade 3
Ms. Rust Grade 3
Ms. Simpson Grade 3
Ms. Worthington Grade 3

Fourth Grade

Ms. Echevarria Grade 4
Ms. Maillo Grade 4
Ms. Schulz Grade 4
Ms. Suderman Grade 4
Ms. Wadsworth Grade 4
Ms. Shaw Grade 4 AT

Fifth Grade

Mr. Clark Grade 5 Fifth Grade Website
Mr. Duncan Grade 5 Fifth Grade Website
Ms. Gardner Grade 5 Fifth Grade Website
Ms. Groleau Grade 5 Fifth Grade Website
Ms. Holmes Grade 5 Fifth Grade Website
Ms. Hughes Grade 5 Fifth Grade Website
Ms. Kinnaman Grade 5 Fifth Grade Website

Resource Staff

Ms. Angus Art
Ms. Brougham PE
Ms. Dowdie Music Teacher Website
Ms. Flowers Library Media Specialist Media Center Website
Ms. McMahon PE

Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Ms. Batenhorst Speech
Ms. DeVall ESE
Ms. Holt ESE
Ms. Kirby Speech Teacher Website
Ms. Dailey ESE


Ms. Powell Media Paraprofessional Media Center Website
Ms. Ledford Media Paraprofessional
Ms. Leonardi Paraprofessional
Ms. Limardo Paraprofessional
Ms. Lovatt Paraprofessional

Health Clinic

Ms. Garcia Nurse Health Clinic Website

District Employees

Ms. Brooks Physical Therapist
Ms. Holloway Occupational Therapist
Ms. Romanello Psychologist
Ms. Mercurio IT Specialist
Ms. Stone Gifted Consultative Teacher Teacher Website


Ms. Singh Food Service Manager Cafeteria Website


Mr. Thomas Maintenance Manager 904.547.4010